fredag 12 november 2010

The Fear Factor

Tack, "blade gunner" (en anonym användare på diskussionsforum), som påminde mig om den mycket intressanta artikel om bladklubbor som man kommer till om man klickar på länken nedan.

"It’s a pretty outrageous claim that golfers should consider “retro” (small, forged, muscle back) irons. With all of the millions of dollars going into research and development by the major companies to produce irons that are easier to hit, why would you choose to go back in time? The answer is in your personal goals. If you dream about Hogan-like perfection, you’re only going to reach that state of nirvana with forged, muscle back blades. If you want to try an experiment, here are some ideas to get the job done with class and without spending a lot of money. Besides, nothing says you can’t have a couple of sets of irons so you can choose your clubs to suit the course and your mood."

The Fear Factor

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