torsdag 9 december 2010

Ord att ta till sig

Ur en intressant intervju ( I Golf Magazine) med förre tourspelaren och numera TV-kommentatorn Brandel Chamblee:

What do you mean "cancer on the game"?
I mean that the golf swing is art, but it's taught as science. That's a confining way to learn the game, and it's bad both for the players who learn that way — I go back to swings like Scott, Donald, Howell — and for golf in general. When you learn the swing watching and obsessing over videotape, you become fixated on your flaws, on perfection. Well, you cannot obtain perfection in the golf swing. The swing used to be taught by former pros who taught how to play the game. Some of the kids they taught grew up to be Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer and Greg Norman. But now, nobody leaves the Tour. So who teaches the swing? Scientists and engineers and people without practical experience [in competition]. Don't get me wrong — they're very smart people. I'd like them to teach me algorithms and engineering. But not the swing. The swing isn't math. It's art. It's about instinct and feel and guts. I'm sure some expert can take a magnifying glass and find flaws in Da Vinci's brush strokes, but you know what? It's still the Mona Lisa.

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