fredag 18 februari 2011

Ord att ta till sig

I sin underbara bok The Spirit of St Andrews återberättar MacKenzie följande lilla samtal:

"I recently came across a lady I had not seen for over twenty years. She said, "I shall always be grateful to you, Dr. MacKenzie for what you did to me." I replied that I was not aware of doing anything for her. She said, "Oh yes! You did. You persuaded my husband to play golf. Before then he said that he had no time for golf, he sat all day and every day in his office, went to church on Sunday, then ate to much and was not fit to live with for the rest of the week. Since he played golf he is not only physically fit but mentally alert. He has given up grumbling at me and at his office staff, he is a pleasure to live with and his business is infinitely more successful."

Att man inte har (eller inte anser sig ha) tid är den förmodligen vanligaste ursäkten för att inte spela golf. Det är en ihålig ursäkt. Man får ett bättre liv och blir en bättre människa om man spelar golf.

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