onsdag 14 december 2011

En länk i dag också

Nämligen den här.

"I’d love to see these guys out there with persimmon woods and balata balls."

En kommentar till den post länken går till förtjänar att återges:

"DL said: 

"I have assembled 3 sets of clubs. Modern Era, Persimmon era and Hickory era. Playing each of the types of clubs requires a little different approach. All three types of golf are fun to play, however I have found myself spending a little more time playing gear from the Persimmon and Hickory era. IMO Hickory and Persimmon are a little more balanced in the skill sets they require. 

There is room for all three types of golf, but I agree with the general sentiment that the modern game is inherently a little less interesting to watch."

I think this is the proper approach. There is something inherently wrong about playing modern titanium and graphite gear on a course that was designed in the 30's or 40's. You aren't going to be meeting the challenges the architect intended for you. If you're on a classic track, why no use classic gear?

If you're on a newer track, designed or redesigned since the advent on modern gear/balls, then go ahead and play the grapefruit clubheads. That's what the course was designed for. 

I too have a modern and classic set and spend 80% of my rounds with persimmon and blades."

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